Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Blogging has become so much more than a past time hobby, it’s now one of the most innovative ways you can promote yourself. Having your own personal blog, set up as a Curriculum Vitae could help you further your career prospects. It will make it easier for you to be found, rather than you f95zones just do the searching, and it will also show your commitment to furthering your career.

In this new era, it seems knowledge of technology is the only way to get yourself noticed. Use this to your advantage by creating a blog that is essentially your online C.V – it is an easy to get your C.V posted online and to get recruiters to come to you.

WordPress is one of the most used blogging platforms, making it ideal for the person who wants to get noticed out there on the World Wide Web. It also can offer multiple pages, rather like a website, giving your online C.V blog a more organised and professional look. It also means you can upload more than one resume, if you are interested in more than one job.

You can also add your cover letter, which will establish your goals, experience, personal likes and achievements. With WordPress, you can devote a whole page to your cover letter, either by putting it under a new page or the ‘about me’ section. Alternatively use the ‘about me’ section to give a brief summary or introduction about yourself, before you let them read on.

If you have also at any time been a freelancer or self-employed, or even completed a few projects at work, supply a few examples of your work to give a prospective employer an indication of what you can do. A portfolio of work is definitely a great way to get ahead and entice employers.

When creating a WordPress blog for your C.V always name it something relevant, such as your name. It will help the blog look professional, which is what you will need to entice recruiters to your website. Bearing this in mind, you will also need a respectable looking theme. I recommend that you keep it quite clean, smart looking but simple.

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