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In this female condom review we will explain the history and use of a female condom. The condom is a thin sheath of polyurethane that is worn inside the woman’s vagina during sexual intercourse. Its purpose is to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. It was approved in Europe for use in 1992 but not in the USA until a year later in 1993. The female condom brand come under different brand 安全套平 currently including Reality, Femidom, Femy, Protectiv’ and Care. The female condom is available in most countries around the world.

This female condom review will discuss the two types available, there is the regular FC and the FC2 is made out of Nitrile a cheaper material and is shorter in length but has more elasticity to it. Both condoms have a sheath with a sponge top held by a flexible ring, it is this ring that holds the Condom in place. At the other end is a large flexible ring that stays on the outside of the vulva at the entrance to the vagina. The penis has to be guided into the sheath so as not to bunch up the condom inside the vagina.

The condom is slowly picking up in popularity, it has played a large part in HIV prevention care in South Africa since 2004 and most recently being used in Brazil and other South American countries. The female condom is fairly awkward to use, it involves forward planning although it has been claimed that you can insert the condom 8 hours prior to intercourse and some women find it uncomfortable. Both versions of the condom are made of material that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than latex and the materials can be used with both oil and water based lubricants.

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