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Boy, did I learn a valuable lesson. Before you buy an age spot remover, take the time to learn about the ingredients that most cosmetic companies use. If consumers are not informed, they cannot protect themselves from the damage that some of the popular compounds can cause.

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The post popular for whitening, bleaching or fading is hydroquinone how much does a gallon of milk weigh . The compound has been used for many years, particularly in cultures where having lighter skin was deemed more attractive or increased a person’s social status.

Because of its long history of use, many companies stand by its safety. But, as most people know, history of use does not necessarily mean that something does not cause cancer what does wdm mean in texting . Some of the more forward thinking countries in the world have banned hydroquinone, because scientists believe it increases a person’s cancer risk. But, it is still legal in the US and many creams contain it.

There are safer options for an age spot remover. Many people are unaware of these options and most cosmetic companies would be uninterested. It is a naturally occurring substance, which means that quantities are limited, which, in turn, means that the ingredient costs more.

Most whitening products cause at least some irritation. If hydroquinone is not included, mild acids are a favored choice. Exfoliants and chemical peels are also offered. These are designed to remove surface skin cells, which gradually slough off on their own, anyway. Hastening the process causes redness and irritation.

Irritation causes underlying inflammation, which can eventually degrade the skin’s collagen fibers. If that occurs, the skin begins to sag and wrinkles appear deeper.

There is an age spot remover that is non-irritating, stimulates the production of strong healthy collagen and may even reduce wrinkling and sun-damage. All of these results have been seen during the testing of individual ingredients.

For whitening, the ingredient to look for is EXTRAPONE nut-grass. It was initially developed as an anti-irritant by the SYMRISE Company in Germany. Only later was it learned that the extract inhibited melanin production. Age spots are actually “clumps” of melanin.

For stimulating the production of collagen fibers, as well as new lighter colored skin cells, the ingredient to look for is Functional Keratin. Unlike other types of the protein, Functional Keratin was manufactured carefully. The protein remains fully active, so the skin’s cells can use it. Keratin attracts moisture and helps to lock it into the skin’s cells. This improves firmness.

Any age spot remover should contain HEQ10. It is a special formulation of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E. The antioxidants are important for preventing damage that can be caused by sun, time and smoke, but they can also repair damage that has already occurred. HEQ10 is formulated to penetrate deeply, in order to repair as much damage as possible.

If you are wondering how to eliminate age spots, you might be interested in learning more about what causes skin aging. A major reason that the skin begins to look older is oxidative stress. We could not survive without oxygen, but some oxygen species cause damage.

That’s what scientist call them; oxygen species. Most often, we here them referred to as free radicals. They are actually oxygen (and sometimes nitrogen) molecules that have lost an electron. If an antioxidant like coenzyme Q10 is present, it will voluntarily give up one of its electrons. If not, the radical will become frenzied and start to damage the cells and fibers that are responsible for the skin’s strength, thickness and firmness. Eventually, this molecular damage results in visible wrinkling and sagging.

Overexposure to the sun causes overproduction of free radicals. So does exposure to things like cigarette smoke and air pollution. Those things can also cause hyper-pigmentation, in other words, age spots. So, if you want to eliminate age spots, you have to recognize the importance of free radicals and the role that the sun plays in producing them.

That doesn’t mean that you have to give up your love for the great outdoors. You just need to protect your skin. Don’t rely on those disappearing sunscreens to help. Some sun screening ingredients have been shown to cause damage similar to what is caused by free radicals.

Wear protective clothing, like a hat with a wide brim. If there are areas that you cannot protect with clothing, use a zinc oxide sun “block” and reapply it regularly. If you’re spending the day at the beach, invest in a beach umbrella. The shade is your friend if you want to really eliminate age spots.

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