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A blog, or Web log, is the easiest way to regularly add new content to a Web site.  Google and other search engines constantly search the Web for today’s news, not yesterday’s headlines.  Query matches in search engine results pages are moving to ‘real time’ matches.  This is as opposed to previously historically archived matches, which may be weeks to months old.  It is therefore important to update your site regularly.

Most owners of small business Web sites look at me in puzzlement when I suggest they start a blog to attract traffic to their sites.  They think of blogs as diaries mywebmagazine.co.uk .  A business blog benefits you in the same manner as a two edged sword.  It directly enhances on-site search engine optimization (SEO) while it supplies an opportunity to develop links to your site.  First I will review what a blog really is.  Then I will address how a business blog helps you promote and market your site.

In the past, news was spread exclusively by word of mouth, from caveman to the town crier and Paul Revere.  Then came the printing press, then newspapers and magazines.  This was followed by radio and television.  In each case a few chosen people decided what the public would read, hear and then see.  As time marched on, news broadcast decisions were left to alleged professionals.  At times the results were less than spectacular.

The onset of the Web ultimately brought new news broadcasting opportunities that dramatically changed this picture.  Now everybody with a blog can instantaneously share news with everybody else who reads the blog.  So, think of a blog as a combination newspaper, radio broadcast and television outlet.  It is your own broadcast network!  These, and other forms of expression such as slide presentations, combine to tell the news about your business.  You can present the information which shows your unique selling opportunity or brand.  Over time these news stories can be archived and categorized for easy retrieval.

A blog adds another important aspect, the ability to have a two way conversation with your audience of readers.  You can literally find out what excites them about your business or what upsets them, what headlines bring them to your site and what information they like best.  It allows you to target market your unique audience and make them loyal followers.  Plus, by cooperating with other bloggers in related fields of interest, you can start your own network to jointly spread the news.

New information about your company spreads by sharing relevant information as well as working together and cooperating with other blog writers.  Other blog owners will ‘link’ to that information or reference it on their blogs.  These links act as letters of recommendation and enhance your ranking with search engines.   Thus you satisfy both requirements on on-site search engine optimization while elevated your stature by acquiring back links to your site.

Blog marketing is important for any blogger that wants their blog to be successful. A lot of bloggers are very serious about their blog marketing efforts, especially if they are trying to earn an income from their blog. It is important to keep up to date on blogging news in order to keep a blog successful.

What is so great about blog marketing? It is very important to create a successful blog. Marketing a blog is similar to marketing a website, but it can be even cheaper to do. When someone has a website they have to buy their domain, many blogs are available for free. There are many free blogging websites as well a free blogging software programs and tools.

With the internet things can change quickly. Tomorrow there may be a new marketing technique that is more successful than what bloggers have been doing. One day your blog may have a large number or readers and the next day barley any. Keeping up with your personal blog marketing effects and news from other bloggers is important and helpful.

If you keep up with what is going on, you will be aware of new tools and tricks. You won’t get left behind while everybody else improves their blogs and takes your readers. Other bloggers always talk about new tools or techniques that come out. So, it really shouldn’t be too difficult to find out what is going on. When new tools come out, they may eliminate old ones. This is something else to watch out for because there is no point spending time on something that is no longer effective.

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