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Orlando schools have been a victim of the information age. In a recent news item, it was revealed that the New School of Orlando is suing a parent for comments posted on the parent’s blog about her daughter’s treatment while attending kindergarten there. The school is alleging that the parent’s statements caused enrollment to drop and that the school should be compensated for damage to its reputation. This one case raises the questions of how personal opinions on the Orlando schools can and should be shared.

Can One Person’s Blog Make a Difference at Orlando Schools?

If enrollment at this school dropped because of statements made by this parent, how can the school prove it? Or how could any Orlando schools if it happened to them? It’s almost impossible to track how and why parents choose to enroll or pull their children from various Orlando schools. But the pressing question is really whether parents should be prohibited from sharing opinions of Orlando schools online.

By its very nature, a blog is someone’s personal observations and opinions posted on a website. Please note that I said “personal.” I have no way of knowing if what this parent posted on her blog was true or not HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . But she believed it. I would hope that no child attending the Orlando schools would be treated with a lack of respect, as was stated on the blog in question. I also hope that no person working at the Orlando schools would think it was appropriate in any way to threaten a parent who had something to say about the school that officials didn’t agree with. But reality is that when you have as many families in an area as there are in Orlando schools, someone’s going to be unhappy.

Freedom of Speech and Orlando Schools

One idea is that students at Orlando schools (and elsewhere) have the freedom of speech to express their opinions. They should also be discussing the concept of censorship and at what point it is appropriate to tell someone that they can’t express their opinion, or if this is ever appropriate.

If what this parent wrote in her blog is not simply giving her opinion about her child’s treatment at this Orlando school and her allegations are true, then shouldn’t the public be informed of these facts? The institution involved in this case was a private school not part of the public Orlando schools ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . Yet whether she is or not, her opinion may be helpful to other parents, and my even force Orlando schools to improve.

I don’t know whether this blog simply listed this parent’s experience with the school or whether she actively discouraged other parents from enrolling their children at this particular school. Maybe she lambasted Orlando schools in general. No matter what, she has a right to her opinion. And as an Orlando schools parent, I want to know what other parents have to say.

When many people think of blogs, they think of teenagers or perhaps college students revealing the minutia of their lives with the world. But blogs have a lot of potential for businesses, and perhaps no business had a greater opportunity to capitalize on that power then Realtors.

The current state of real estate marketing is counter-intuitive. The biggest purchases a person will likely ever make are relegated to the smallest ads used by any industry anywhere. Indeed, many Realtors are moving away from using such advertising because they are, not surprisingly, effective sales tools.

More and more, agents are moving to the Web, because that’s where the house hunters are going. But even the state of most online marketing in the industry is lackluster. The majority of sites pull their information directly from the MLS database. While comprehensive, this information is not persuasive. It isn’t meant to be. MLS is meant for agents to make their listings available to other agents. The comments are dry, the facts cold, and the details not very well explained.

Now, let’s look at exactly what a blog is: it is a website that makes publishing rich content exceedingly simple. Words, pictures, sounds, video…it can all be incorporated into a post in just a few minutes. Better yet, it affords virtually unlimited…if you’ll pardon the term…real estate. Unlike print ads which are exorbitantly expensive and infinitesimally small, you can start a blog for free (even the most expensive blogs are merely a couple hundred dollars per year), and have no space limit in which to sell your wares.

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