Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Samsung M 02 Smartphones have been one of the most impressive offerings from Samsung so far. Samsung is the market leader when it comes to smartphone innovation and this latest offering from the Korean electronics giant has set the bar extremely high. Samsung M02 Price, camera, and other features are all detailed and the phone has just been made available in India for sale Samsung M02. Here is a look at the features and benefits that one can derive from Samsung M02.

The design and build of the Samsung M 02 falls right in line with that of other modern smartphones available today. The textured black and metallic grey combination looks absolutely stunning and matches the rest of the Samsung phones. The only downside that we could find was the lack of camera access. That being said, the lack of camera connectivity is a minor point as the overall design and performance of the phone leaves a lot to be desired, but it does rate a mention nonetheless.

The Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung M02 are very much like many other modern smartphones currently on the market. They both feature a large QWERTY keyboard and the home button is located on the top right corner of the phone. Both devices also sport a large screen-to-body ratio, which means the device will easily fit into your pocket or purse. The touch screen, however, will most likely prove to be problematic for those with severe hand cramps. The brightness of the screen-to-body ratio on the Samsung M02 is also not as good as that of any other mobile phone.

Speaking of brightness, the Samsung Galaxy S comes with an LED HDTV built in, which features Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology. To go along with this, the Samsung Galaxy S also features Samsung’s Super AMOLED visual display technology, which has been compared favourably with Sony’s Bravia HD. One of the highlights of the device was the ability to view media straight through the handset without having to connect to a laptop or PC. To go a step further, the Samsung Galaxy S also features Air Gesture, which allows the user to activate the screen by simply placing their finger on the fingerprint sensor. This would allow users to scroll through different options on the virtual screen and respond to them instantly.

With a large 3 GB RAM and a quad core processor inside, the Samsung Galaxy S makes for a powerful mobile device. Users can easily load up their favourite apps and get connected to the internet with just a few presses. Samsung has also fitted in a microSD slot for additional storage space and to prevent the need for users to purchase external memory cards, which can cost a pretty penny. To add to the all round performance of the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung has also fitted in a 3000 mAh battery, which offers users enough power to last a whole day. In addition to this, users can experience a long life, thanks to Samsung’s Quick Charge technology.

With a large display size and sharp looking curved screen, the Samsung Galaxy S comes as a package of entertainment gadgets. Users can load up their favourite apps and experience a high definition viewing experience without any loss of clarity. Users can also use the browser to browse the internet and check their email on a daily basis. In order to make it even better, Samsung has added a number of features such as Air Gesture and Dual SIM lte, which allow users to integrate their Blackberry or Ipad into the device and experience the ultimate communication experience. These features together have made the Samsung Galaxy S a desirable gadget in the eyes of mobile phone lovers.

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