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When entrepreneurs find out it costs money to start an internet marketing business they are flabbergasted. The whole reason you get a job is to make money, not spend it.Because of this, many people begin to wonder whether it is even possible to start an online business for free.

It is not possible,unfortunately,to start your own business for free. For an extremely low price you can get one up and running. There are just two costs you will face when starting a business; the cost for a domain name and the cost for a hosting company.

The domain name acts as your identity as this is what people put into their browser to find your web site. You want to take the time to find a domain name that has keywords in it that you intent on targeting and a name that is short and sweet GoDaddy email login . This will make it much easier for internet surfers to remember your domain name.

Domain names are extremely cheap if you look in the right places. Type in cheap domain names into the Google search bar and close to eight million results will come up. Some of the top domain companies like GoDaddy.com offer domain names for as low as $1.99.

The other charge you will have with your internet marketing business is a hosting charge. Your hosting company is the company that makes your site live. This is the company that makes it so visitors can come to your site and actually see what you have built.

Much like domain names, hosting is very cheap as well. Some of the cheaper hosting companies include HostMonster, HostGator and GoDaddy.com. HostMonster and HostGator even offer a free domain name with hosting while GoDaddy.com offers hosting for fewer than five dollars.

Outside of your domain name and hosting, there are no other charges you have to worry about. Anything else you decide to pay for is on you. You can opt to pay for advertising, for content writers, or for graphic designers. After all, no one is an expert at everything. Whether you lack the time or the skills to fully develop your internet marketing site on your own, look into hiring professionals to help you out.

One thing that really ticks me off, is when a company or business preys on you because you may not have the knowledge or time to research what they are trying to sell you, or be aware of the value of the product or service they sell and to work out whether the cost they charge is reasonable, so here is a warning to all business owners not just real estate operators.

I’m going to let you in on a situation that I walked into this morning during one of my office audits, I’m going to hide the names of the real estate business for obvious reasons and I can’t name the company involved, but I’m going to do my best to make sure you don’t get ripped off by these sharks by writing this post.

So here’s what happened, During the course of my audit, I check what domain names the agency has registered, and in the discussion today, the agent handed me correspondence from a domain name registration company in Melbourne advising him that his company name and location domain name was available for sale and that by filling in the attached credit card form he could secure that domain name from them. Now here is the sting, the price was $295 + GST.

The domain name offered for sale is a .com domain name, so I then checked the domain name availability on GoDaddy.com, and found it was unregistered and still available and the price for that domain name was US$14.

Now, how can you sell something you don’t own, and at $295+GST, that’s not a mark up, that’s a complete rip off. My advice to the office this morning was to buy the domain name from GoDaddy at US$14 and tell the company in Melbourne to go jump, and so should you, if you get these sharks trying to rip you off.

If you do get one of these letters, first thing to do is check out the domain name availability, and you can use GoDaddy.com if it is a .com domain, or Crazydomains.com.au if it is a .com.au domain and check the price.

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