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When we moved into our new home we were very excited at the prospect of having a decent sized garden, a vegetable patch, and some chickens for freshly laid eggs. These were just some of the immediate health benefits of gardening.

Then comes the commitment, not only to yourself, but also to the plants and fauna in the garden. The flavour of home grown produce is something very special, and having a vegetable patch is just the beginning of growing your own vegetables. Fighting off the pests and wildlife that also want to enjoy the harvest is another challenge.

These days it’s hard to know what you really are eating, with so much processed food being thrown at consumers What Does Gamey Taste Like? Does Gamey Taste Good . Even when you buy “fresh” produce from the shops, there’s an uncertainty about how long the produce has been in storage, or what preservatives have been applied to keep the color and texture so that it looks inviting to the consumer.

For individuals that do not have the motivation to do any exercise, the prospect of growing garden fresh vegetables can be an excellent reason to get you out of the house and doing some physical exercise.

Your goal may be to have a totally organic garden, making your own compost and natural fertilisers without using any pesticides and chemicals. With many hardware stores now selling complete kits for worm farming, you can very easily start a worm farm.

The next stage is to harvest the worm juice and castings, making excellent fertiliser for your vegetables. You can save all the vegetable scraps from all meals and leftovers from cooking, to feed to the worms. Any lawn mowing clippings can be mixed up with old newspapers that you’ve collected and placed in a composting bin.

To get maximum value from the composting bin, it’s a good idea to turn over the compost every few days, giving you a further excuse to do some physical exercise in addition to mowing the lawn.

Having a chicken run allows your chickens to work the ground as well as eating any vegetable scraps and left overs that the family will not eat. Nothing beats the taste of eggs from free range chickens that can forage around in your garden, and their manure is also a terrific form of fertiliser.

Gardening can be very therapeutic, creating a great environment to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day busy-ness in our lives. As the saying goes:”take time to smell the roses”. Spending some time tending to your plants, or pulling out a few weeds, instead of being stuck inside the house in front of the computer, TV, or home theatre has been shown to add to longevity.

Providing food for your leopard gecko is one of the easy tasks of caring for a gecko. As a matter of fact, adult geckos do not eat every day, and you can sufficiently feed it every two days. While the baby gecko, due to its requirement for a healthy growth it should be adequately fed every day.

Geckos usually eat insects, thus you can feed them with crickets, small cockroaches, mealworms, silk worms and superwoms as their main food. Once in a while you can treat your leopard gecko with a newborn pinkie mouse that of a few days old. These pinkie mice are excellent food for breeding gecko females.

Another good food choice is the waxworm. But you should feed these worms not too often, since your gecko may become addicted to and may cause some unhealthy conditions if fed too frequently like being too fat and general unhealthiness. As a rule of thumb, to avoid choking, the size of the food should not exceed half of the gecko’s head width.

It is very good to know how much food your gecko can take in one time. The bigger your gecko, the bigger amount of food should be offered. By knowing the usual fed amount of food, you can feed them sufficiently. You can also detect the symptoms of appetite loss which indicates a possible disease or health impairment.

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