Tue. May 24th, 2022

A number of men do experience erection problems at some point in their lives. We could say that the penis is malfunctioning, in a way. Some men have erectile dysfunction where any sort of stimulation won’t make their penis hard, no matter how hard or gentle the stimulation is Shibuya Kaho . Most of the time, barring major heart disease or paralysis, the problem is largely mental. In this case, going to a sexual therapist would help. After a few sessions, usually the problem will resolve. Of course, this is going to cost you some money!

Other men who have experienced erection problems, only have these problems before or during sex. They may have a rock-hard erection early in the morning or when they watch porn; but they come face to face with their partners and start to have some steamy foreplay, their penis just won’t rise!

Usually, men get their first lessons on sex by watching adult films or porn. Porn stars usually perform hard and fast in and out thrusting when performing sexual intercourse. Because of the example men see in these films, men tend to be a bit rough with their penises when they masturbate. This in turn hardwires your penis to only respond to rougher stimulation. So, as a result, your penis doesn’t respond to gentler stimulation. This could be where your problem lies. You’re in luck! There is a simple solution for this simple problem.

Try changing your masturbation habits. Change how you stimulate yourself. If before you are more aggressive with your hands, you can now try to be a little bit more sensitive. Touch it more gently. At first, your penis would not respond automatically to this change, but as time goes by and you’re using this technique, your penis will get used to it and be much more responsive when you’re with your partner.

This of course will take time, energy, effort and dedication. But if you start performing better than ever, it’s all worth it right? I mean, after you have mastered the art of soft, gentle touches, then your penis will be very responsive from even slight stimulation from your partner. It’s all worth it. Trust me.

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