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A descriptive essay can be the easiest type of essay writing. The purpose of a descriptive essay is to give details about an event, an object, or a person. You should include information that helps readers comprehend the subject matter. Writers are able use their creativity to create vivid images . When writing about your topic, remember that the senses (sight, sound and touch, smell, nose, taste and smell) all play an important part.
Brainstorming: Get started

Brainstorming is an effective way to organize large ideas into something practical. Take a topic such parties and look at different types of them. It is important to think about how people perceive them and why they are so memorable. Brainstorming will help you focus more on a topic that could be used for your assignment. Write about what you think is possible. Consider all possible topics and take note of the impact that each sense has on them. Your topic also comes alive when emotions and feelings are included.
Tips for Choosing a Subject

Though brainstorming is a commonly used technique, there are more options. Read examples of descriptive essays to get a better idea. Pay attention how the content is written as well as the subject matter. The topic should be stimulating and allow you to express yourself creatively with your word choices. You might consider choosing something that is familiar to you such as a childhood memory, a special person or something beautiful. Look for ideas that you can use to create a picture your audience will be able to see clearly.
Topics for descriptive essays

Your topic should connect to all of your bodily senses. This will enable you to use many descriptive details necessary for a quality essay. You can increase your writing skills by selecting a great topic.

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