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Getting 9 bands is a tough job but not impossible. As an IELTS trainer, I have come across a lot of students who work hard but don’t possess the adequate skills in passing the exams. Of course, English is essential and IELTS is designed for the same purpose. While coaching my students, I learnt a lot of things and would like to share some of the tips which can help get desired bands.

Listening module is perhaps the best and easiest module of IELTS. It contains four sections and you have to answer forty questions. The difficulty level rises as you cross each section. This implies Section I is easiest and Section IV is the toughest. But, remember, this is not always true. The next most important factor is to exercise quickness while answering. Sometimes, two answers are given in the same conversation within a gap of 10-15 seconds. The easiest way is to write abbreviated form and jump to the next or select the options carefully Security+ exam .

The basic job is to concentrate, concentrate and concentrate. Listening exam contains questions based on conversation, talk or description. The conversation could be between two or three people. Talk is usually about some event in the school, college, library, playground etc. Description is related to an explanation about a place, lecture, schedule, animals and plants.

Why you need to concentrate? IELTS is easy for native English speakers who are accustomed to the way the language is used, the words and the pronunciation. However, the non-native English speakers need to concentrate on the words spoken and more specifically, the accent. The accent of British, Americans and Australians is different from the accent used by people in Indian subcontinent or elsewhere. Thus, the students appearing for Listening exam have to concentrate on the words, the pronunciation and the language in totality.

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