Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

I am unashamedly a fan of the Bioflow system of magnotherapy bipap machine . It works, it’s got medical evidence to back it up, and it uses the principles of the reliable, proven electrical magnotherapy equipment in hospitals and physiotherapy clinics. So what makes Bioflow different from the hundreds of other kinds of magnetic therapy devices on the market? I’ll come to that, but first you need to know about a couple of things.

First, let me say that the kind of treatment you’ll get in the physio department of a hospital or in a clinic is the model to follow. There are at least eight different kinds of plug-in machine, some of them combining magnetic therapy with other treatments. All of these machines use two principles which make them successful:

A HUGE magnetic field, far in excess of the magnetic field strength (flux) in almost all appliances you can buy.A system to rapidly change the magnetic pole you’re near between north and south – usually called pole switching or flux pulsing.In hundreds of medical trials and comparisons, it’s these two features which have proven consistently successful in providing pain relief, relieving sore areas after physiotherapy and encouraging wound healing.

Stuff you can wear is very different. Almost all magnetic bangles and other appliances have two features: they use between two and twenty tiny magnets (up to 1000 for mattresses); and they place the north pole against your skin over the area to be treated. So does this make the hospital equipment wrong? Hardly likely, as this electronic magnotherapy is PROVEN to work. And in several hundred medical trials, appliances like bangles and straps have only been shown to work a few cases – the exact opposite of the machines in clinics.

Better appliances – in fact, nearly all, today – use neodymium magnets. But very few of them even come near the power of the hospital machines: the magnets are far too small to generate enough flux. In fact, I’ve worked out that you’d need 80 to 100 of the typical neodymium magnets in bangles to give the same flux, and they’d all need to be clustered in a small area.

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