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If you’re looking around for a special new piece for you or a loved one, contemporary jewellery might be just what you are looking for. People often think of precious stones, metals and gems as being timeless. However there are definite fashions, and it’s good to keep apprised of current looks when shopping.

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Besides fashion, there are several other things to think about if planning to purchase for someone else. If it’s a ring that you are after, it’s a good idea to check on the size of the finger you plan to buy for! The best idea is to print off a ring size chart from the internet, and measure the inside of one of their current rings against it to find the right size. If the ring is going to go on the same finger with another ring, it’s important to tell the jeweller this as then they may need to go up a half size to accommodate this buy gold in dubai . A match for match size is best. If you can’t do this, then it may be good to check the exchange policy or whether it can be resized if necessary.

If it’s a necklace you are considering for your piece of contemporary jewellery, then there are two common lengths of chain for pendants. If you plan to give them something they will wear everyday then a shorter one is better, as they can wear and display it no matter what they are wearing. If it’s more for evening wear, a longer chain is often better, so it dips a little into their decolletage, and is a statement piece. If you do happen to get the chain length wrong, it is easy to swap this so that the piece you’ve chosen can shine best.

Once you’ve got the size or length right there is the colours, the stones, the metals and the appearance to look at. This comes down to a mix of personal preference and budget. Consider something that is striking and makes an impact, without being too garish and full of bling. If you are not sure what they will like, you can either take a peek at what they already have in their collection, or casually take a stroll slowly past a store with them, and see what catches their eye. Sometimes a little espionage in the name of buying someone a new piece of contemporary jewellery is completely permitted!

We are in the middle of tough economic times at present and these are set to continue for a while at least. Today’s hard pressed consumer is therefore looking for exceptional value for money and variety at a very affordable cost. With gold prices currently being traded at around £840.00 an ounce it has become a commodity which offers a safe heaven for the rich to invest in.

In year’s gone by gold was the preferred choice for jewellery as it offered durability, was timeless and was still reasonably affordable, but does it offer good value in today’s market? To answer this question it depends on what you are looking to purchase. Gold will always rightfully have a place in fine jewellery, anything with precious stones and for those who can afford its allure.

Costume jewellery however, can offer a cheap classy alternative which is available in a tremendous variety of styles colours and designs. Its popularity has increased in recent years as it can be really effectively matched to any outfit that today’s fashion conscious woman wears.

Just take a closer look the next time you are out doing a little retail therapy and it will be no surprise at how many stores offer costume jewellery. As such many high street clothing retailers now offer this to compliment their ladies clothing range. The jewellery displayed is often in a variety of beautiful colours and styles that range from being delicate and pretty to large and bold statement pieces. Prices start from around £2.00 and can cost well in excess of £50.00 as there are some stunning pieces around.

Costume jewellery is manufactured from a variety of materials which include amongst others plastic, wood, glass, shell, semi precious stones and Swarovski crystals. The skill, design and craftsmanship of some of these pieces now rival fine jewellery made in gold or silver.

As a cost conscious consumer, the next time you are considering purchasing some jewellery, why not consider some costume jewellery as a cheap alternative to gold or silver. Have a look on the internet and you will be amazed and bewildered at the variety offered.

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