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Is it possible to find healers who actually work on the basis of faith? Can you actually tell when a person is faithful and believes in God? Is that what is responsible for carrying out all those miracles? Can Faith and faith healers be able to make sure that you are cured of sicknesses? Well that is what a faith healer is actually! They claim to have a direct connection to God that helps them find out who the faithful are. With the force of their faith behind them, God can make these faith healers actually work miracles! This concept is not very new and each and every religion present in the world over the ages has had faith healers, prophets, seers and god men who claim to be able to carry out miracles depending on the faith you have on God. But how do you find out which person is actually an authentic faith healer and how do you find out which one is a fake?

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Over the years there have been several people who miracle sheets claim to be faith healers but who can actually be cheaters of the first order. The reason for this is simple as over the ages, researchers have worked really hard to find out whether these people are actually real and whether healers really can do miracles. As a result, the healer by the name of Peter Popoff was arrested on the charge of cheating the public. He claimed to know a lot of the person who he was healing due to a direct connection from God. But later on it was revealed that the faith healer was cheating the public with the help of special mikes that were in his ears. He could hear the details of the person whom he was stating that he could heal. He would also claim that he could talk directly to God and hear his speaking to him. Over time he was arrested for his offences and none of his healings could be scientifically proved.

Another healer that cheated the general public was called as W. V. Grant. This healer also tried to convince the general public that there was nothing that he could not do. He could heal the sick and there were many people who blindly believed him all over the US. But later it was proved that the healer was making crib sheets or cheat sheets where he memorized everything he knew about the patient whom he claimed to cure. But he was caught when they found his cheat sheets in the trash after a healing session. He too was charged with cheating the public and was arrested.

Another trick that researchers used was to place their hands on the sick and when they placed hands on them; the people used to fall back in a healed stupor but eventually it was also noticed that faith healers used to push people till the succumbed to the pressure and fell down. But nonetheless, we cannot say conclusively that all faith healers are bad! And neither can we say that they are all good! But please be careful when you go to them for treatment or healing!

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