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Actually, in my opinion, when you write a good Blog Post of at least 400-500 words, you’re writing an Article. When you share that article, whether in article directories, you’re marketing that article.

So you’re pretty much doing both – Article Marketing AND Blogging – simultaneously. If you want to get yourself out there as the expert in your field or niche, I don’t believe you can have an either/or – article marketing or blogging – attitude about writing content.

The only difference is when you’re adding a short, quick blog post of 325 words or less that you’re not intending to share except with your regular subscribers. But personally, I wouldn’t make adding these short posts a habit just to put something fresh on your blog.

I’d stick to creating content that’s at least 400 words, and most of the time, you want to do more than that. So whether you want to call it article marketing or blogging, I would write at least 450 words. Sometimes I can go on and on about a subject and when I’m done writing, I’ve created over 600 words!
Before I post it to my own blog?

Absolutely not. Even when you’ re posting it on your own blog first, it may take a couple of hours before it’s indexed in any of the search engines. So go ahead and post it to your blog first and then submit it to the article directories.

Since Google handed out a slap-down a couple of years ago, most article directories today are more concerned with you providing unique and original content, even it was posted on your own blog first.

They’ve been cracking down and rejecting spun articles left and right. A lot of marketers got into buying cheap PLR articles and didn’t bother to rewrite them before either using them on their blogs or submitting them to directories.

And if they did rewrite them, they just ran them through some automated article spinner to where they didn’t make any sense. A lot of directories got hit hard by Google a couple of years ago. A couple directories just shut down their sites, and others lost so much ranking that any backlinks you got from them didn’t mean anything.

So my suggestion is to submit your articles to first, after it’s posted to your blog, and wait for their acceptance email before submitting the article to any other directories. That is, if you’re using any other article directories at all.

Why Should You Share Your Content?
Sharing your content, in other words article marketing or blogging, is key to your blog’s success. The more places your content appears, the more likely your blog posts and articles will reach the first page of the search engines.

Also, just like with getting a byline in a magazine, your blog articles will do a lot to boost you as an authority or expert in your niche. You content is how you help to brand yourself and it helps to increase your traffic.

Just about anywhere you share your articles you’re able to put links in them, even if it’s just in the Resource or About the Author box, that point back to your blog.

So be sure you’re sharing your content in as many top places as possible for the greatest amount of exposure!

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